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Is Your Move Tax Deductible?

Many Canadians are unaware that certain moving expenses are tax deductible when completing their income tax for the year. You are eligible for deductions if you are employed or self-employed or a full-time student, and you are moving to a new location to start or continue a job or business, or to attend full-time courses at a post-secondary institution. Your new residence must be at least 40 kilometres closer to your new place of work or school. As per the Canada Revenue Agency these expenses may include:

  • Travelling expenses, including vehicle expenses such as gasoline or moving truck rentals
  • Temporary living expenses, including meals and accommodation up to 15 days near either residence if your moving days do not coincide
  • Transportation and storage of personal effects
  • Cost of cancelling a lease at your previous address
  • Mortgage penalties
  • Mortgage interest, insurance, property taxes and utilities associated with your old residence while attempting to sell it, to a limit of $5,000 for up to 3 months.
  • Costs of selling your previous residence including real estate commission
  • Legal fees on the sale of your previous residence and the purchase of your new residence
  • Utility disconnection and connections fees

For more information please go to or call 1-800-959-8281. If you’re moving in the Halton Hills or Georgetown area, contact us today and ask about our free estimates.

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