Ways to Reduce the Cost of Your Move

Reduce the cost of your move with these helpful tips from your local movers! Ann’s Cartage & Piano Movers have been helping Georgetown and Halton Hills move for over 48 years.

1) Purge any items that will not be needed. Remember that you are paying to have things moved, so the less you move, the less your move will cost. Make donations of unwanted items to your local charity, Habitat for Humanity, Wastewise, Salvation Army or throw them away.

2) Have a garage sale, or sell items on Kijiji or Ebay if you no longer want them.

3) As you pack the boxes, move them to the closest exit to where the truck will be loading, or better yet, move them into the garage.

4) Dismantle all legs from the kitchen and dining room tables.

5) Have all sheds emptied, and have lawn furniture and equipment, as well as decorations or lawn ornaments, moved into the garage or to the side of the house closest to where the truck will be loaded.

6) Have all appliances including all gas appliances disconnected and ready to go.

7) Have all beds taken apart prior to the truck's arrival.

8) Have mirrors removed from dressers and bubble wrapped.

9) Have all sheds and garages prepared for moving.

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