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Ann’s Cartage & Piano Movers Inc. Insurance Coverage

Ann’s Cartage & Piano Movers Inc. endeavours to move your belongings in a careful and professional manner. However, on occasion accidents do happen and insurance coverage may come into play. Ann’s Cartage offers insurance, in keeping with The Public Commercial Vehicles Act as it relates to residential moving, which states that insurance is to be calculated and paid out at a basic amount of $.60 per pound, per article. There is a $250.00 deductible. Ann’s Cartage offers a maximum insurance protection of $50,000.00 Cargo Insurance per truck load. The cost of this insurance as outlines herein is automatically calculated into the cost of your move and is not surcharged separately.

Items not insured include:

  • Plants
  • Curved, antique or stained glass
  • Pressboard furniture
  • Any items such as lamps, computers, TVs, statues, etc. that are not properly boxed and/or wrapped
  • Items which are packed in boxes by the customer unless gross negligence by the staff of Ann’s cartage comes into play. For example, a professionally packed box of crystal glasses would be covered if the employee dropped the box.
  • Marble
  • Loose items

On occasion, our staff will encounter situations whereby an item, for example, a large couch or piano, will not fit through a hallway, doorway or stairway. If this situation arises, the staff will bring this to the customer’s attention and together with you they will decide if an attempt will be made to manoeuvre the item through the tight spot. If this happens, Ann’s Cartage will not be held liable for any damage caused to the item in question, or the walls, ceiling, door way, etc.

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